First, read the comments below this page and see how others are making money by working with EMPAC.

Empac – Emperors Academy is an I.T training school in Ghana. The school also research and build I.T solutions that help solve everyday life problems.

One of our the great solutions we built is or, which is a platform for anyone in Africa and beyond to make money by working with us starting as an affiliate.

If you want to start making money online by working with us part-time, then follow the following steps:

  1. Go to or and create an account as an affiliate or a vendor. 
  2. Go to and follow all our social media handles and join all our groups. This is required for everyone interested in working with us.
  3. Login to your account on or and grab your affiliate referral link and refer at least 14 active affiliates to cover your first three (3) levels in your network. Also, grab the affiliate links of at least five (5) campaigns inside your account and promote them to reach at least 100 people each.
  4. After completing the activities in levels 1 to 3, your account will be upgraded, and you will start earning. All the activities above are free to complete. You will get up to a $100 bonus immediately you complete these activities.
  5. After your account upgrade, you will start to earn up to $2 per affiliate referral and $0.25 per click on your affiliate link. Note that every campaign on our platform has its terms and rates.
  6. Once your balance reaches $100, you can withdraw to Mobile money (For Ghanaians only), Bitcoin, Perfectmoney and Payoneer.

This is the best opportunity to work with us from the comfort of your home and start making money online.

There is no limit on the amount you can earn with us.

We have a limit on the number of affiliates we want to recruit. If you see this link, then the offer is available. Hurry and join now because once we reach the required number of active affiliates, this offer will not be available for new registration.

NOTE: Top performing affiliates can be promoted to Zonal, regional and country representatives and coordinators, a permanent job opportunity at EMPAC.

We have other permanent job opportunities at EMPAC, but your first step is becoming an affiliate.

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  1. Thanks for my 4th payment from Empac Affiliate. I have cashed out over GHS 1600 so far. This is a cool way to make money from home and I am doing it full time