Do you want to make money online with just your mobile phone or a computer with an internet connection?

Are you looking for a part-time job that you can do on your mobile phone or a computer and make around $50 $500 every day or every week?

Do you want to build a residual or continuous income and make money while sleeping?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then I have a solution for you.

EMPAC AFFILIATE (www.empacaffiliate.com or www.affiliate.empacgh.com) is a platform for anyone in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and anywhere to make money by performing simple tasks daily.

It is 100% free to join EMPAC AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

We have many offers on our platform that pay for link clicks, signups, etc. You can make money from EMPAC AFFILIATE by promoting your affiliate link and referring people to join the program and other advertisers' programs.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to start working online from the comfort of your home


If you want to start making money online from EMPAC AFFILIATE PROGRAM, then follow the following steps:

1. Go to www.empacaffiliate.com or www.affiliate.empacgh.com and create an account as an affiliate or a vendor. 

2. Go to https://linktr.ee/empacgh and follow all our social media handles and join all our groups. This is required for everyone interested in working with us.

3. Login to your account on www.empacaffiliate.com or www.affiliate.empacgh.com and grab your affiliate referral link and refer at least 14 active affiliates to cover your first three (3) levels in your network. Also, grab the affiliate links of at least five (5) campaigns inside your account and promote them to reach at least 100 people each.

4. After completing the activities in levels 1 to 3, your account will be upgraded, and you will start earning. All the activities above are free to complete. You will get up to a $100 bonus immediately you complete these activities.

5. After your account upgrade, you will start to earn up to $2 per affiliate referral and $0.25 per click on your affiliate link. Note that every campaign on our platform has its terms and rates.

6. Once your balance reaches $100, you can withdraw to Mobile money (For Ghanaians only), Bitcoin, Perfectmoney and Payoneer.

This is the best opportunity to work with us from the comfort of your home and start making money online.

There is no limit on the amount you can earn with us.


Networking on EMPAC AFFILIATE is the best way to make money.

EMPAC AFFILIATE allows you to refer other people to become an affiliate, and you, the referral, will earn a lifetime commission from their activities.

EMPAC AFFILIATE has up to a 20th level referral program. This means that when user A refers to user B, user A earns a lifetime commission from user B. User A will still earn some commission from use C when user B refers to user C. This commission chain works up to the 20th level on the EMPAC AFFILIATE program.

You can build a network of active affiliates under you and watch your commission grow with this networking. With an active network under you, you can earn more money even while asleep.


Empac is interested in working with affiliates that recruit more active affiliates under them.

There are two positions available:

1. Representative: Empac wants representatives in every Zone, Town/City, Region/State and country. We have positions for  Zonal Reps, Town/City Reps, State/Region Reps, and Country Reps.

Our representatives help train affiliates and coordinate their activities in the various areas.

To become a representative, you need to have 100 active affiliates in your downline.

An active affiliate is an affiliate that has active 14 referrals in their downline.

Our representatives work with us directly, so we pay them a monthly allowance and finance their work for them. The monthly allowance is different from their referral commission.

2. Coordinators: EMPAC coordinators works under the representatives in the various areas. 

Coordinators also get a monthly allowance, just like the representatives.

To become a coordinator, you need to have 50 active affiliates in your downline.

We are recruiting both representatives and coordinators currently.

Follow the steps above and start your career with EMPAC.

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  1. This is really working for me. I have cashed out a total of GHS 1600 so far